BRS Plastic  is active in manufacturing and marketing industry of Plastic Water Tanks, Tanks Disinfection and Elements of children's play group.

It gives very high importance to the quality of production and service for the purpose of its vision which is being a Company reliable.

Our company, who has the necessary materials, information, team and equipment to fulfilltheir commitments on time and complete, aims to do the best at all times and raises customer satisfaction.

BRS Plastic, offers high quality and economical solutions to all your plastic storage needs with a wide range of products, was established to responde to the quality and difference with Water Tanks, Disinfection tanks, Acid Tanks, children's play area and equipment, Rotation machines and rotation molds.

Our products that are being produced from first-class polyethylene material, are also being marketed all over our country.

We are producing Polyethylene Water Tanks, ranging from 3000 liters to 50000 liters of volume. We are also producing Medication Tanks, and Special Order Products in desired size and colors.

We continue our business as a strong leader in our region, an environmentally friendly company, becoming a respected and exemplary brand with our international standards products in tank manufacturing sector, after sales service and our basic values.           


Our vision is; being a Company who provides value to its customer and its staffs, reaches to wide range of people with qualified products and service, is aware of social responsibility, is faithfull of its values, and being the first in people’s minds as its confidence, priority of product ranges, Professional staffs and service of customer oriented.    

Our mission is; providing our products and services to our customer without making a concession of quality and ethicly with presenting it all the time increasing from the previous. Moreover, being a brand who is converting its developing facilites from its researching to the production as a Company who is the leader of its sector.